Amazon and Google use Super Bowl to do battle over voice assistants

Campaign 03 Feb 2020 03:32

Some of the world’s biggest tech companies are now among the globe’s biggest advertisers. One of them, Amazon, has now leapfrogged FMCG giants Procter & Gamble and Unilever to become the biggest, as Campaign revealed today.

But what can we learn about the brand messaging that Amazon, Facebook, Google, TikTok and Microsoft chose to employ for their Super Bowl ads this year?

Amazon is all about the ecosystem

Amazon has become a regular advertiser during the Super Bowl, using Accenture Interactive’s Droga5 London to make a spot that featured Ellen DeGeneres for this year’s big game.

As its financial earnings last week showed, Amazon is growing fast as a major advertising platform in its own right and is third only to Google and Facebook in terms of global digital ad revenue. However, its ad revenue is a drop in the bucket compared with the income Amazon makes as the world’s biggest online retailer and cloud computing services provider.

So why, then, did this multifaceted behemoth choose to use its expensive Super Bowl ad slot to promote its voice assistant Alexa, which is available on Amazon’s Echo and Show smart devices? The global voice assistant market was worth just an estimated $1.2bn and will not break the $5bn barrier until 2023. 

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