Inside comedy channel Dave’s TikTok strategy

Digiday 04 Feb 2020 05:00

U.K. comedy TV channel Dave, home to shows like “Red Dwarf” and “Taskmaster,” is the latest broadcaster to enlist TikTok to market its shows to a fast-growing audience of younger creative types.

On Friday Dave launched a TikTok campaign to promote a new TV show, “Hypothetical,” which is scheduled to debut on Wednesday. The show presents comedians with hypothetical situations and scores them on how well they spontaneously deal with them. The TikTok campaign, called #hypotheticalchallenge, features creators, procured by influencer marketing agency Fanbytes; they have taken on a challenge similar to those on the show. Dave’s goal: encouraging audience interaction and participation.

“TikTok is the best place for ‘Hypothetical’ because the user behavior fits perfectly with the show premise,” said Erina Jones, who is head of social media at UKTV, broadcaster of Dave. “It’s the right place to activate; we’re enabling others to create content and be [part of] their own TV shows” on TikTok.

For a lot of companies and publishers that are flocking to use the platform, TikTok represents a fast-growing, fertile ground for young creative users. Each month TikTok has 800 million active users, with about half of them being younger than age 34, according to Hubspot. UKTV executives are keen to diversify their channel’s following online where viewers are moving quickly between platforms.

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