Despite platform changes, why addressability is here to stay

Digiday 05 Oct 2020 01:06
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Joshua Koran, head of innovation labs, Zeta Global

Even as 2020 has been filled with unprecedented events, more and more marketers are asking themselves a now familiar question: If app stores end support for mobile advertising IDs and browsers end support for cookies will addressability also face an untimely demise?

The truth is, no one is threatening addressability. Not in the slightest. To better understand why, let’s look at the state of addressability and how and why marketers continue to rely on user IDs to fund digital publishers.  

A level playing field requires cross-publisher IDs

For marketers to measure and improve their digital media spend, they need addressable digital IDs. These IDs enable marketers to engage the right audiences, where “right” is based on the information tied to the IDs. In other words, addressability is focused on how — rather than why — marketers engage an audience. But across the open web, marketers need to engage people across multiple publishers, not just one or two. Cross-publisher IDs solve this problem.

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