Technology is only as good as the creative that powers it

The Drum 09 Oct 2019 01:44
09 October 2019 14:44pm

Save creative souls is the line Stein IAS devised to help promote the Chip Shop Awards, an event that provides a showcase for unbridled creativity. It celebrates the sort of work most award schemes outlaw - such as parodies that have sometimes been created without the knowledge of the actual brand involved. But the idea is to give the creative community an outlet that focuses on one thing and one thing alone; the quality of the idea.

It means the event is a great leveler with professionals competing on the same basis as students, or even more established players getting to show what they are capable of when freed from the normal constraints common in the industry.

But the Chip Shop Awards is also well aligned with Stein IAS' philosophy. Although an agency which is well established in the realms of MarTech - they preach a philosophy that to really cut through, brands have to invest in good old fashioned creativity as well as new fangled technology.

He performed it outside the Chip Shop Awards in New York in a bit of a musical extravaganza which also featured 15 drummers and dancers, to the surprise of his agency MD....correct title.... Tom Stein.

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