How to use the NHS app as a Covid vaccine passport

Telegraph 19 Jul 2021 11:04

Covid vaccine passes may soon be required to attend day-to-day events as well as for international travel after England unlocked on July 19.

The NHS Covid Pass is a section of the NHS App that lets users show whether they have been vaccinated or recently had a test for coronavirus - a so-called vaccine passport.

This pass has been used as a proof for fully vaccinated overseas travel and could soon be a requirement to get into hundreds of venues around the UK, despite previous promises from ministers there were no plans for such a scheme.

On July 12, Boris Johnson said Covid passes for domestic venues would be voluntary, but encouraged. He said: "As a matter of social responsibility we're urging nightclubs and other venues with large crowds to make use of the NHS Covid pass, which shows proof of vaccination, a recent negative test or natural immunity as a means of entry."

Vaccine passports look set to become a part of our daily lives as an important way to show whether we’ve had a coronavirus jab.

The app is compatible with most Android smartphones. Any device running Android 5.0 and higher will be able to download and use it.

How does the app work?

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