What Is Marketing Orchestration? [Infographic]

MarketingProfs 31 Mar 2020 02:00

Marketing orchestration is a powerful approach in marketing automation and ABM. It focuses not on delivering standalone campaigns but on optimizing a set of related cross-channel interactions that together make up an individualized customer experience.

Marketing orchestration is an elegant concept: By coordinating all the interactions your revenue team has with a customer, you provide a pleasant buying experience—and realize more pipeline and revenue while you're at it.

Although the concept of orchestration is relatively simple, putting it into practice can be less so. That's where "plays" come in.

In orchestration, "a play is a series of steps that orchestrates interactions across departments and channels to achieve a business purpose for one or more buying centers at target accounts," according to ABM company Engagio. It divides plays into five categories:

  1. Intent and engagement plays are a good way to make sure you're getting the most out of your intent and engagement data, hence the name. Use them when a potential buyer is in the research and discovery phase.

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