Alexa, are marketers obsessed with innovation?

Marketing Week 08 Oct 2019 02:15

Amazon Echo voice assistantI get a weekly email from Amazon Echo that somehow reminds me of Brexit. It includes a rambling list of commands you might try giving your smart speaker.

“Alexa, what happened on Love Island last night?”

“Alexa, what’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth?”

“Alexa, how can I train a goldfish?”

We get the interfaces we deserve. I might scoff, but the appeal of smart speakers is real. And like Brexit it’s about taking back control.

Doesn’t barking orders at a computer sound tempting? Finally, someone in the house who’ll listen to you without interrupting. It’s a fallacy, of course, but when has that got in the way?

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what I find so dispiriting about smart speakers and virtual assistants. Just why do I think they are doomed to fail? I’ve come to the conclusion that my weekly email from Amazon Echo is the best testament I can produce to the device’s lack of functionality.

Each email has a section titled ‘Things to try’. Soak in the bathos of asking your revolutionary robot assistant the following questions:

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