Using PR to Generate New Leads Is More Important Than Ever

Entrepeneur 12 Jun 2020 01:00
Using PR to Generate New Leads Is More Important Than Ever
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As the economy reopens, entrepreneurs and businesses need a strong PR play more than ever before so they can mitigate risk, secure positive exposure for their brand and generate leads and new business. Whether you want to be featured in a top-tier news outlet or even a local blog or podcast, getting included as an expert in a variety of media sources is a great way to show expertise and influence in your field.

But how do you turn publicity into actual customer conversion? Here is a five-step guide to translating press coverage into leads and new business.

Get Noticed

How can people buy your products and sign up for your services if they haven’t heard of you? Getting known, or building credibilty, is the first step to generating leads. Regular coverage will result in an uptick in new business inquiries and sales, a natural byproduct of increased visibility and positive exposure. Being featured in the media, giving a talk or winning an award are proven tactics in building an expert reputation and reaching new audiences, so take all the opportunities you can get and leverage them for greater success.


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