Sky News, Hearst UK and RT are Digiday Media Awards Europe winners

Digiday 21 Aug 2020 10:00
August 21, 2020 by Digiday Awards

This year’s Digiday Media Awards Europe honor a wide variety of publishers, media brands, advertisers and technology companies. Honorees traversed an array of subject matter and areas of expertise, from travel to LGBT rights. 

Across categories, winners displayed a commitment to crucial social causes, from sustainability to fighting descriminition. They also displayed a commitment to next-level content and innovative distribution strategies, achieving cultural relevance while reaching audiences through their preferred platforms and content formats.

Winners include:

Sky News: For Deep Ocean Live, a team of Sky News journalists became the first reporters to broadcast live, without being attached to cables, from submersibles beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean. The broadcast, which ran across multiple platforms and social networks, took a deep dive into two issues of global (and oceanic) importance: climate change and plastic pollution.

Hearst UK and Comfort:

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