Google’s Chrome browser update won’t kill the cookie

Digiday 24 Dec 2019 05:01

Browser changes and privacy laws have threatened the existence of the third-party cookie this year. In February 2020, Google Chrome is the next shoe to drop. But these changes won’t be the final nail in the cookie’s coffin.

Over the last few months, Google execs have met with publishers, advertisers and tech vendors about the coming changes. The tech giant has signaled to the industry that it won’t be taking drastic action to destroy how the digital ad economy has operated for decades. Publishers say Google has been measured and thoughtful in its response to stakeholders and avoided being tarred with the same brush as Apple Safari.

Throughout 2019, third-party cookies designed to track users around the web have been under attack from multiple fronts, with browsers Firefox and Safari chipping away at the cookie’s capabilities, making them less effective. A brighter light on how user privacy from the General Data Protection Regulation and the coming California Consumer Privacy Act in January has made it easier for people to opt-out of tracking. There has been some industry hand wringing about how Google’s changes will knock the rest of the industry. Google’s massive ad business puts it in a more difficult position.

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