Fitness trackers will get your kid excited about being active

Mashable 30 Jun 2020 09:00
Fitness trackers for kids can help prepare your child to lead an active and productive lifestyle by letting them monitor their health, set task reminders, and get motivated with rewards systems.
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Kids have the kind of energy adults could only dream of having, and they spend their days being active just for the fun of it. You might not think that a kid needs to track and monitor their health and activity, but fitness trackers for kids are made specifically with children in mind. That means they're not focused on weight loss, but rather forming good habits and leading an active lifestyle.

What makes a fitness tracker kid-friendly?

Fitness trackers for kids are simplified versions of those for adults — they trade out smartwatch features for motivational games and rewards systems. Your kid doesn't really need an Apple Watch to count their steps and monitor their heart rate.

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