Publishers “are just sitting on this goldmine”: Lessons from Week 2 of FIPP World Media Congress

What's New in Publishing 14 Sep 2020 06:36

The second week of FIPP’s World Media Congress 2020 featured a jam-packed schedule covering everything from ecommerce, membership models and branded content to talent management, remote working and podcasts. Here are the key lessons from Week Two.

1. Integrity is making a comeback

One of the silver linings of the Covid-19 outbreak is the way the pandemic has made the public appreciate quality, well-researched journalism, while trust has eroded in social media platforms that carry unverified stories.

“Publishers offer trust and brand safety, which – dare I say it – has slightly gone out of fashion in recent years,” said James Wildman, CEO of Hearst UK. “But the pendulum seems to be swinging back in our direction; integrity matters again.”

This was backed up by Srini Srinivasan, managing director of the Vikatan Group who reported that, in India, troubled times have driven people back to trusted printed publications and away from social media platforms.

The growing distrust in social media should be seen as a golden opportunity by the ad sales teams of publishers, according to Juan Señor, president of Innovation Media Consulting and co-author of FIPP’s annual Innovation in Media World Report. “A vertiginous collapse of trust in social media platforms has led to some brands rethinking whether they should spend their few remaining ad dollars on influencers,” he noted. “It’s a gain for us because our journalism has been very responsible and accurate. This is something you must articulate when selling.”

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