Cycling industry teams up on campaign to turn biking boom into lasting habit

The Drum 11 Jun 2020 01:30

A band of cycling companies have teamed up to inspire a new generation of bike lovers through a brand-neutral #BikeIsBest campaign – billed as the 'most extensive coordinated promotional campaign for cycling since the 1970s.'

With two-thirds of all journeys made under five miles, the cycling industry is on a mission to encourage more people to consider biking that distance, rather than jumping in the car or on public transport.

With more people pursuing active travel, #BikeIsBest is intended to seize this unique lockdown side-effect and turn current behaviours into lasting change in the hope of contributing towards cleaner air and gridlock-free cities.

Bringing together the collective force of 50 bike brands, retailers, organisations and influencers, #BikeIsBest is designed around the simple message – 'you don't have to be a cyclist to ride a bike' – in order to attract a new demographic of non-cyclists.

Alongside an inspirational film created by Human, the 'brand-neutral' campaign includes a new microsite that has been created to educate new riders on the benefits of cycling. It also includes a pledge system that encourages non-riders to mark their commitment to cycling over other forms of transport.

#BikeIsBest campaign ambassador and multiple UCI BMX and Track Cycling World Champion, Shanaze Read, said:"Covid-19 has completely reshaped all of our lives over the past few months. Although it has presented many challenges, as a nation we now have the single biggest opportunity to disrupt the way we travel in a generation and simply support more people to get on their bikes. We need a unified approach, so it’s brilliant to see brands across the industry join together to get behind this,"

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