Twitter: Performance is our ‘Number One’ focus in 2021

Campaign 08 Apr 2021 02:30

Twitter wants to be a destination for direct response advertisers as well as the brands that have been on the platform for years. 

To do that, it’s investing in new and revamped performance ad products that will drive its users to install apps, click on videos and eventually even make purchases. 

“When I got to Twitter, the core and focus was the brand business,” said Bruce Falck, revenue product lead at Twitter, at a press roundtable on Wednesday. “It's really important we continue to grow that, but a big part of how we grow is moving down the funnel.”  

This past year, Twitter rebuilt its ad server to allow it to build products more quickly for direct response advertisers. The platform has doubled the number of new and enhanced products it shipped from 56 to over 100 since the ad server rebuild, Falck said.

Twitter also rebranded and redesigned its ad buying interface, which media buyers called out in the past as clunky and inefficient. The new ad suite renames some of Twitter’s popular ad formats and makes it easier to build promoted tweets and campaigns on the platform. 

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