3 Signs Your Brand Isn't Telling a Winning Story (and How to Fix Things)

Entrepeneur 21 Mar 2020 09:00

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3 Signs Your Brand Isn't Telling a Winning Story (and How to Fix Things)
Image credit: Xphi Chnm Phechr Nùn/EyeEm | Getty Images

In our modern marketing landscape, brands cannot afford to exist as just another faceless entity. They need to have a powerful story that sells who they are and allows them to appeal to their target audience. While most brands understand this basic need to tell a story, many fail to succeed on the execution. Thankfully, brands that are failing at their current storytelling efforts tend to share a few common issues (see below), ones that can be identified and fixed with the right tools and techniques.

1. Your marketing isn’t memorable

Your customers have a desire to engage with quality brand stories, but if the story you’re trying to tell isn’t that memorable, you won’t make a lasting connection. A study in the UK found that while 79 percent of adults “want brands to tell stories as part of their marketing,” 85 percent of those surveyed couldn’t think of a memorable brand story.

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