AC Milan's mission to redefine the sport experience with unprecedented entertainment union

Campaign 29 Jun 2020 06:28

The Halftime Show. The ads. Even the Puppy Bowl. There’s no doubt about it: American football is synonymous with entertainment. It always has been. 

But the same cannot be said for soccer. Especially in Europe. 

Leagues and clubs have lagged behind for years as they chose to only engage a very loyal fanbase. The result has been pretty isolating for the rest of us, and that’s only been underscored as pitches stand empty amid this global crisis. 

However, there is one football club leading a revolution in brand strategy within its sector as it looks to completely shift gear and forever change how we experience the sport. 

"All of a sudden, it’s not about match day any more," said AC Milan’s Chief Revenue Officer Casper Stylsvig. "It’s not about the build up. It’s not about the manager interviews on a Friday afternoon. It’s about delivering every single day."

AC Milan, the beating heart of Italian football with seven UEFA Champions League wins and ?hundreds of millions of fans and followers around the world, played its last game on March 8 before the league was suspended. 

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