5 marketing and digital trends for 2021

The Drum 05 Jan 2021 09:00
By Simon Landi-05 January 2021 09:00am

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Access predict the trends that they think will dominate in the coming year.

Not many would have predicted the challenges 2020 brought and the digital marketing trends that ensued, but as we move into a new year, experts at Access are now forecasting the new technologies, behaviours and trends that they believe will come to the fore in 2021.

Trust and brand loyalty are becoming more intertwined

2021 is going to present new challenges for brands trying to connect with, and influence, all audiences who have forged new shopping habits and upped their expectations when it comes to how brands engage with them, but a particular focus will need to be on how to win the hearts and minds of Gen Z.

Increased use of visual tech for richer customer experience

WFH is here to stay with greater use of SaaS collaboration tools

#4 Greater use of test automation

With both business and consumers demanding so much more from digital technology, an unreliable, unintuitive and clunky platform can quickly damage reputation and significantly impact sales. Therefore, rapid turnaround of updates to fix issues, and the design and development of competition-beating functionality, is now the norm.

So with the massive increase in digital adoption, brands will need to keep on their toes and move swiftly to keep up with the high expectations of digital experiences that consumers have, and test automation is a sure-fire way to keep that pace in 2021.

In 2021 for brands to survive and thrive it’s all about iterating the customer experience to not only meet but exceed heightened consumer expectations.

Simon Landi, managing director of Access.

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