The best business broadband deals in the UK

Mashable 23 Sep 2019 02:13
Find a secure, reliable, and fast broadband plan for small and medium businesses.


Getting a fast and reliable internet service can be vital for successfully running your business. Therefore it would be the smart decision to invest in the right business broadband package.

Business broadband packages can offer features specifically made for business customers. This includes prioritised customer support, fast upload speeds, static IP addresses and even better security. 

Packages normally run through powerful and more secure routers which will allow you to make calls over the internet, as well as run large phone systems. There's also the option to get features such as Guest WiFi or 4G back up systems.

There are various different ISP (internet service providers) which all offer different benefits. For example, BT offers a number of different packages, including a premium BTnet service which provides unprecedented speeds of 10Gbps. Vodafone is more modest and sticks to its cheaper and more reasonable superfast packages, both of which are less than £25 per month. 

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