Global media sector “moderately impacted” by COVID-19, potentially up to 10%: Brand Finance Media 2020 report

What's New in Publishing 10 Jul 2020 09:32

According to the latest Brand Finance Media 25 2020 report, the media sector is a moderately impacted industry globally and could face a potential 10% loss in brand value.

Brand Finance has assessed the impact of COVID-19 based on the effect of the outbreak on enterprise value, compared to what it was on 1st January 2020. This has been classified into 3 categories – limited impact (minimal brand value loss or potential brand value growth), moderate impact (up to 10% brand value loss), and heavy impact (up to 20% brand value loss) – based on the level of brand value loss observed for each sector in the first quarter of 2020.

In these turbulent and unprecedented times we are currently witnessing, the fortunes of the world’s most valuable media brands are no doubt going to be mixed. On the one hand, the far-reaching and extended lockdowns that have been imposed worldwide have caused a shift in consumer behaviour and thus an increase in demand for online media platforms and streaming services in particular. However, this increase in demand and subscribers may not offset, or compensate for, COVID-19’s impact on advertising, which many media brands rely on heavily for their revenue. 

Ones to watch: YouTube & Netflix

Every year, Brand Finance values 5,000 of the world’s biggest brands. The 25 most valuable media brands are included in the Media 25 report. Additional insights, charts, and more information are available here: Brand Finance Media 25 2020 report

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