Workout apps and YouTube channels for when you can't leave the house

Mashable 17 Mar 2020 01:52
Small space? No problem.
Small space? No problem.
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The world of online fitness is so vast it can be intimidating. Which app or YouTube video will serve your personal fitness goals the best? Which has moves you can safely do on your own? What if you don’t have any weights or equipment? Which of these exercise gurus is actually legit?

In times when you can’t attend a gym or IRL workout class, digital fitness doesn’t have to be stressful. 

"Not every workout has to be vigorous or an hour long to reap the benefits of exercise” Azul Corajoria, a Tier 3 personal trainer at Equinox, told Mashable. “Often times I tell my clients that the best workout is the one they'll actually do. Even if that means it’s at home for 30 minutes, move your body. ”

The first step to staying active in close quarters is to let go of that decision paralysis. Recognize that whatever app you download or YouTube channel you throw on, you’ve already taken an impressive step toward caring for yourself in possibly abnormal circumstances. It doesn't have to be perfect. No matter if you’ve chosen a cardio workout or a HIIT session, you’re getting your blood flowing, you’re juicing your endorphins, and you’re reminding your muscles what they can do. It’s just about finding what works for you. Deep breath in, deep breath out. 

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