Four ways to adapt to the changing publisher ecosystem in 2020

Digiday 30 Jun 2020 01:25
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By Neal Sinno, general manager Americas at GeoEdge

For marketers, 2020 started out with so much promise — but this changed rapidly as the industry faced a global epidemic head-on. Not only did our own daily routines come to a screeching halt, for many of us our professional lives did as well. Almost as quickly as lockdowns began, we saw drastic changes in the realm of digital media and advertising.

Publishers in 2020: From boom to bust

As consumers sheltered in place, online usage soared across the globe. This surge in traffic would have been a blessing at any other time, but advertisers that would normally fill this additional demand — sports, entertainment and airlines — weren’t there, as they faced their own challenges. The perfect storm was created — increased costs for publishers and platform providers, less revenue and a rush of malicious actors trying to capitalize on the weakened ecosystem. Unfortunately, as publishers’ CPMs fell, the doors opened wide for fraudulent activity, with 67 percent of publishers reporting that they encountered deceptive ads related to COVID-19 to a significant or great extent.

2. Focus on retention

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