“A finite number of items”: Flipboard launches new tool for publishers, to reduce news fatigue and keep readers coming back

What's New in Publishing 29 Jun 2020 11:09

“Storyboards more closely parallel magazines in their dead-tree form than Flipboard’s digital magazines ever have”

New fatigue continues to be an ongoing concern for publishers. A Pew Research published earlier this year, found that almost seven-in-ten (66%) Americans have experienced news fatigue. 

Flipboard has launched a tool that can help publishers deal with news fatigue, and keep readers coming back. This tool, Curator Pro, allows publishers to curate and present news in finite packages, helping readers avoid information overload. 

The packages are called Storyboards – a new form of Flipboard curation which the company revealed last month. They can include articles, images and videos about a news event or around a specific topic. 

A Storyboard can be a guide like Popular Science’s “How To Sleep Better Tonight.” or “all you need to know” style of round-up of a news event, like CNBC’s “George Floyd: Seeds of Change.” It can also be a daily update about a specific topic, for instance, the “Daily Coronavirus Digest,” curated by Flipboard’s editorial team. 

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