5 Ways to Capture Email Addresses from Landing Page Traffic

Entrepeneur 02 Apr 2021 11:00
5 Ways to Capture Email Addresses from Landing Page Traffic
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Most marketers I know who use landing pages to make direct sales online focus on conversion: getting as many visitors as possible to the landing page to place orders.

Other internet marketers, when writing landing page copy, focus not only on conversion but also on search engine optimization: keyword selection and meta tag creation that can increase traffic by raising the site’s search engine rankings.

But in addition to all this, savvy online marketers are concerned with a third performance metric: capturing email addresses. If you have a 2 percent conversion rate, then for every 100 visitors to the landing page, only two buy. What happens to the other 98 visitors? You won’t be able to add their email addresses to your list unless you incorporate a deliberate methodology into your landing page to capture them.

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