How to achieve perfect synergy between brand and performance

The Drum 22 Jun 2021 08:30

With more money pushing into digital and budgets being put under the microscope, the pressure is on for brands to prove value at each stage of the customer journey. This has led to a shift towards performance-driven avenues but to be a successful modern marketer, it’s an art and a science - you need to know how to build brand at the top of funnel and drive conversion at the bottom.

Speaking at The Drum’s Creative Transformation Festival, in the ‘Brand vs. Performance – creative's cursed conversation’ session, Jason Trout, global chief digital officer and VP agency growth at Peach and Richard Oppy, VP global brands (Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois and Michelob Ultra) at Anheuser-Busch InBev, explored how brand and performance marketing can work better together.

Watch the full ‘Brand vs performance – creative’s cursed conversation’ here.

For brands, digital offers much greater visibility of performance, in terms of engagement – which allows marketers to see in real-time what’s working and what’s not, to be able to adapt their creative accordingly. But the fundamentals of brand building haven’t changed.

With more rigorous privacy and regulatory changes coming across the digital landscape, Trout believes that more attention will have to be paid to the creative execution and that context has come full circle.

Marketers need to be smarter about how they use their first-party data to inform better creative and content that’s fit for the audience segment - which is key to making ads more engaging in the digital ecosystem.

“There are existing workflows which get creative assets to where they need to be in more traditional media – which is a well-groomed machine,” said Trout. “Whereas in digital, the whole landscape has grown so quickly, it’s unregulated which makes standardization quite difficult to achieve. There isn’t a well-grooved, reliable way of fast turnaround for assets - investment needs to be made in automating those workflows to provide visibility, speed and accuracy.”

Trout and Oppy highlighted how Nike, Dove, Apple and Burger King are doing a stellar job of building brand at the top of the funnel while also driving performance at the bottom.

Creative excellence in the execution is everything. This starts from the final edit all the way through to how it appears on screen to consumers, including device optimization.

“We need to put consumers first and treat them not just as consumers but people – and build creative that creates an emotional connection with these people,” concluded Oppy. “Let’s embrace the data and listen to what people are saying. Really work with your partners and digital platforms to understand their tools and make sure your creative content is native to that platform for it to really cut through.”

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