New Accenture CEO eyes M&A as Interactive revenues hit $10bn

Campaign 27 Sep 2019 07:15

Accenture’s digital marketing services arm, Accenture Interactive, has passed $10bn in annual revenues, making it as large as Interpublic, the world’s fourth-biggest ad agency group.

Accenture Interactive, which marked its 10th anniversary this month, added at least $1.5bn in sales compared with a year earlier.

Julie Sweet, the newly promoted chief executive of Accenture, told investors that Accenture Interactive’s revenues of "over $10bn" in the year to August were "a significant milestone".

Accenture does not disclose Accenture Interactive’s exact financial numbers in its accounts, but said in June that it was growing at more than 20% and the "vast, vast, vast majority of that growth" is organic.

It had annual revenue of $8.5bn last year and a 20% increase would likely mean revenues jumped to $10.2bn or more this year.

Sweet said Accenture Interactive’s role in "creating better customer experiences" was one of three main areas of client growth for Accenture. "Building out their digital core" and "optimising their operations" are the other areas.

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