'Silence makes you complicit' – six ways marketers can get purpose right

Campaign 19 May 2021 04:58

How can brands speak about purpose in an effective way while avoiding accusations of “purpose-washing”? Four marketers shared their take at a panel session at Campaign’s Media360 event yesterday. Here’s their advice:

Authenticity matters

It’s an obvious point, but one that can’t be stressed enough  authenticity matters.

“The generation that I’m part of is very big on authenticity, Ruby-Jade Aryiku, co-founder and head of PR at digital talent agency Vamp, said.

“So don’t say anything at all if you’re going to be fake. Take a step back and let someone who genuinely cares have that stage and that voice to talk about a purpose-driven initiative.” 

Ovo Energy’s marketing director Sarah Booth agreed that while “every brand needs a purpose, because you need to unite your organisation behind it”, not every brand needs to communicate it. 

“Where the purpose or the mission of the business is aligned with what drives choice in the category, we might want to put that front and centre of our communications, she said.

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