“Sales are growing and subscriptions have increased”: Insights from the humble newsstand

What's New in Publishing 15 Sep 2020 06:30

The corner newsstand took a series of near-fatal blows over the last several years as digital disruption upset everything from consumer reading habits to physical distribution. Yet it’s getting some much needed TLC as consumers rediscover the simple pleasure of reading in print.

“Print sales are growing and subscriptions have increased for some titles, including FT Weekend, Monocle and The Spectator. With renewed interest has followed an appreciation of the newsagent,” writes Marianne Giusti in Financial Times. “From the traditional kiosk to the boutique ‘zine store, the newsagent has been identified as an unofficial emergency service, with a unique power to charm.”

Freelance journalist Ayana Byrd, who’s written for The New York Times, Rolling Stone and Elle among others, believes we are all searching for a deeper experience than what our screens can provide.

“People want more than their phones and cable news can provide – more investigation, more analysis, different visuals,” she explained to Giusti.

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