Three to launch world's first live holographic ad to promote 5G

Campaign 23 Sep 2019 03:09

Three is launching the world’s first holographic 5G ad at a live event in London this week.

The mobile operator, whose marketing boasts that Three is the only provider offering "real 5G", wants to show people what their future connected lives will be like with super-fast mobile tech at their fingertips.

The five-minute spot, created by Gravity Road and delivered by volumetric & 3D capture studio Dimension, will take four internet stars, including British musician Raye, and turn them into "supercharged" CGI avatars. 

Raye will be shown performing in a heightened DJ scenario; internet gaming star Vikkstar will battle buffering symbols; and football freestylers Liv Cooke and Andrew Henderson will show off their quick footwork. 

Three is claiming the event as a world first. While holographic ads are not new (Nike delivered one with Mindshare and JCDecaux in 2013), 5G is needed to process the huge amount of data being processed within fractions of seconds to convert a live performance into a hologram.

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