Five behavioural trends to take note of as the high street re-opens

The Drum 31 Jul 2020 07:30
By Daniel Todaro-31 July 2020 08:30am

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Gekko suggests some ways for retailers to emerge victorious post peak pandemic.

The latest signs of economic recovery look promising. So promising that Andy Haldane, The Band of England economist, believes that the UK economy is growing at 1% a week. The V-shaped recession thought to be unlikely just a month ago now seems to be very much on the cards again.

Retail has been a big motor for this mini-recovery. People have been returning to the high street in large numbers with UK retail sales near pre-lockdown levels in June. According to the ONS, the amount of goods sold last month increased by 13.9% in June compared to May. The trend has continued in July as the reopening of shops supports pent-up demand punctuated with the roll out of marketing activity and campaigns to support retail in its reawakening mode.

Safety is now the top priority

Late adopters have finally embraced ecommerce

In-store consumers are more likely to convert

The home will remain our new centre of existence

The rise in demand for appointments

To succeed in this new environment retailers need to be creative, follow the trends and create a customer experience worthy of a sale.

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Andy Haldane