This is why you should spend the money on a professional hair dryer

Mashable 31 Jul 2020 09:00
Surprise: A salon blowout at home is much easier when you're using a salon-grade hair dryer. These high-tech dryers and their attachments could cut your styling time and frizz in half.
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A good blow dry is the foundation to a good hair day. The fanciest hair straightener or curling wand in the world won't do you much good if your hair was singed with a crappy blow dryer beforehand. That's that on that.

It's common knowledge that pressing hair onto a sizzling hot flat iron or curling iron isn't great for it. We're quick to blame those tools for split ends and frizz, but less often, we consider that part of the problem may be the way the hair was dried in the first place. If your lifelong dream has been to give yourself the same glossy blowout that you get at the salon, your skills might not be totally to blame — your stylist's professional blow dryer is a lot better than your drugstore one.

Don't forget that heat protectant, y'all. Jonathan Van Ness suggests Oribe's Foundation Mist.

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