“This situation brought out the best of people”: How the publishing industry is coping with COVID-19

What's New in Publishing 30 Jun 2020 07:05

“This situation brought out the best of people.”

That’s the feeling of David Mulrenan, head of investment at Zenith UK, when asked how the publishing industry is coping with COVID-19.

“Continuous innovation, whether that be in how the copy gets into consumers hands or using their first party data to help take the temperature of the nation, I think the publishing industry has stood out,” Mulrenan is quoted in this compiled piece in MediaTel. “The way they have interacted with agencies and clients has been in a respectful but helpful manner, particularly when they are being hit so hard in terms of revenue.”

Mulrenan joined Hearst’s Amy Brown, Sue Todd of Magnetic Media, David McMurtie from Google’s Partner Business Solutions, and Lee Lythe from Spark Foundry in an online event chaired by MediaTel’s Steven Scaffardi.

Brown used the word “resilient” in her answer, saying “most brands have adapted well and more importantly in a conscientious manner. With printed brands we faced a huge technical challenge of creating, editing, printing and distributing 19 brands and we did not miss a single deadline.”

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