Next Generation Account-Based Marketing Strategy: Moving Beyond the Account to the Individual Stakeholder

MarketingProfs 19 May 2021 02:00

To overcome challenges resulting from the pandemic and thrive in the new era of business, B2B companies need to move beyond the account-level focus of most account-based marketing (ABM) and take a hyper-personalized approach that treats business stakeholders as people.

Today, marketers must understand individual customers' unique journeys and who they are both at and outside of work.

Enter account-based marketing for the individual (ABM-i). As an account-based marketing strategy, ABM-i enables deeper connections and drives greater revenue by adding true personalization.

"Marketers strongly agree that personalized content (56 percent) and advanced data management (43 percent) are keys to ABM's success," a recent Forrester survey found. Yet, the top challenge identified by respondents to a recent ITSMA survey was "personalizing and tailoring our marketing to the key contacts at each account." Another Top 5 challenge was "developing campaign assets that are mass customizable to allow scale."

B2B brands can use dynamic content on their websites, emails, and programmatic advertising to swap out images and copy automatically based on a contact's attributes and interests. Combining the power of data and design can help you build personalized campaigns at scale to reach many contacts with relevant content.

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