‘Being Black, you have to work twice as hard’: Inside Bleacher Report’s staff revolt that toppled a CEO

Digiday 30 Jun 2020 04:02
June 30, 2020 by Tim Peterson

There is a literal divide within Bleacher Report between its predominantly white executives and its Black content creators. In B/R’s New York City offices, most members of the leadership team as well as its predominantly white sales, revenue and marketing teams sit on the third floor. Below on the second floor sits the company’s content teams, which is where the majority of its Black employees can be found. 

“When you come into the second floor, you see a sea of faces representative of what you would expect to see. When you go up to the third floor, especially the sales side, it’s entirely white,” said a current B/R employee.

The disparity between the racial makeup of the two floors symbolizes the incongruity between the people who hold the most power and responsibility at B/R and the people responsible for creating the company’s content — and embodying its brand. B/R evolved from an SEO-driven sports blog into a lifestyle sports brand connected to Black culture, such as through its foray into streetwear through a 2016 deal with sportswear label Kith and efforts to grow its sneaker culture property B/R Kicks.

Bleacher Report’s race and ethnicity breakdown by level

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