With sports on hold, Action Network adapts with pushup challenges, poker and baseball cards

Digiday 04 May 2020 04:00
May 4, 2020 by Kayleigh Barber

People’s appetite for sports betting is not going away, despite the fact that nearly every sporting event has been canceled. 

As a result of ongoing interest in betting, Action Network, a publisher aimed at informing sports bettors, has adapted to expand its content offerings in order to maintain engagement in a time that could otherwise be grim.

Part of this adaptation includes hosting poker tournaments, streaming pushup challenges Twitch and starting a sports memorabilia show. At a time with no major live sports — there is still table tennis to bet on in the Moscow Liga — Action has adapted its content approach.

In the latest episode of The New Normal — a weekly interactive discussion show focused on how media adapts to a new reality — Keane discussed his outlook for both the media and sports industries and how his business has been adapting to the steep drop off in coverage accompanying the cancelation of sports. 

Below are some highlights from the conversation, lightly edited for clarity.

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