Boeing hands Virgin Galactic £16m for supersonic space flight

Telegraph 08 Oct 2019 05:46

The world’s largest aerospace company has handed $20 million (£16m) in Virgin Galactic to further its mission to bring supersonic flight to passengers around the world. 

Boeing wants to take Sir Richard Branson’s commercial space flight company’s proprietary superfast flight technology and bring it to the masses. 

This could help the company’s new plan to develop “flying cars” that will transport commuters to different cities a reality, the Daily Telegraph understands. 

In February Virgin Galactic proved it could send a commercial vehicle soaring at Mach 3 speeds, surpassing Concorde, which made its last flight in October 2003. 

Brian Schettler, director of Boeing’s investment arm said that the partnership would be focused on giving more consumers access to “safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible new forms of transportation”. 

Sir Richard said: “This is the beginning of an important collaboration for the future of air and space travel, which are the natural next steps for our human spaceflight programme. 

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