Transform Your Martech Stack to Deliver Empathy at Scale

MarketingProfs 26 Mar 2020 02:00

Is your martech stack a machine to create the emotional connections that drive buying behavior?

Now that your digital transformation is underway, it's time to focus on the elephant in the room: Are all of your investments and hard work paying off?

Gartner's recent prediction that 80% of marketers will abandon their personalization efforts by 2025 suggests that, for many marketers, the answer is "no." And in a world where people say how a brand makes them feel is one of the most important factors in their buying decisions, the reason may be that we've focused our martech stacks on the wrong objective.

To get closer to their customers, many companies have spent heavily on data collection and analysis technologies. But although now we may know more than ever about who our customers are, we seem to have spent significantly less time understanding their needs and putting those at the core of strategy.

Research shows that we're focusing on technology at the expense of the people with whom we are trying to connect. According to PwC's 2019 Global Consumer Insights Survey, 59% of consumers say companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience. That lack of customer empathy indicates companies have a deeper problem with their martech stacks, and they need to address that problem.

How to Reclaim Your Content

With those capabilities, asset management, searching, and filtering become much easier. And business users and brand managers can finally get content out of the channels and silos, placing them instead into a centralized system where editors can collaborate, manage, and repurpose content.

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