Vodafone revives plan to bring programmatic in-house

Digiday 27 Sep 2019 04:01

Vodafone is having another crack at buying its own programmatic ads a year after it backtracked on its first attempt to do so due to it being far more complicated than it originally thought.

The telecommunications business has 12 people who currently plan and buy programmatic ads, and is on the hunt for a further nine roles, according to job posts on LinkedIn and Google.

Hires started as far back as January, with the arrival of head of biddable media Meyrick Irving from Omnicom’s Hearts and Science. Other roles were created shortly after Irving’s arrival including programmatic and display team leads alongside programmatic campaign manager, which were filled primarily by agency execs, according to LinkedIn. Looking ahead, Vodafone wants to bring in a mix of senior and junior execs to cover a range of roles from programmatic optimization specialists to manage campaigns bought from its licensed ad server and demand-side platform, as well as programmatic audience specialists to help broker its publisher and private marketplace buys, per the job posts.

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