Fortnite's Travis Scott virtual concert watched by millions

BBC Technology 24 Apr 2020 11:08
An enormous Travis Scott is seen in the video game Fortnite, standing in front of a pulsating speaker orb in the sky - the game is running on a handheld Nintendo SwitchImage copyright Getty Images

More than 12 million players logged in for Fortnite's concert featuring Travis Scott, with reviewers calling it "stunning" and "spectacular".

It included a skyscraper-sized version of Scott teleporting across the landscape as he performed his songs.

Fortnite is one the world's most popular games, attracting millions of young players from across the globe.

Scott used the opportunity to reveal a new song, while players celebrated the event with themed in-game items.

The award-winning artist has sold tens of millions of records in his career, and was due to perform at the world-famous Coachella music festival this summer before it was postponed.

Those who missed the digital debut, however, can catch "encore" performances at the weekend.

A digital version of Scott performed a fully-animated, scripted 10-minute set - shorter than a concert performance.

Image Copyright @davemolloy @davemolloy
Twitter post by @davemolloy: More than 12 million people watched the Travis Scott concert on Fortnite. It's repeating over the weekend, too - so that number will go up. Image Copyright @davemolloy @davemolloy

After it was over, Scott tweeted: "Honestly today was one of the most inspiring days. Love every single one of you guys."

His answer was telling, and possibly a hint at what was in the pipeline.

The Travis Scott concert was probably in development back then, and can now go down as the most successful live event the game has ever staged.

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However, there could be another reason that Epic is pushing in this direction. It's still one of the most popular video games in the world but competition is fiercer than ever with the likes of Warzone and Valorant on the rise.

Could these events be a sign of the company diversifying in an effort to keep people interested and entertained?

It is not the first time Fortnite has staged a virtual concert, having hosted Marshmello early last year, as well as a Star Wars tie-in and other live events.

Forbes labelled the show a "stunning spectacle" that offered a glimpse at Epic Games' "metaverse" concept for the game.

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