Study: Many publishers still looking for solutions to cover the loss of third-party tracking

What's New in Publishing 22 Feb 2021 08:25

Lotame, a global provider of data enrichment solutions for addressable advertising, has announced findings from its “Beyond the Cookie: The Future of Advertising for Marketers and Publishers” research.

The report’s main finding reveals that the vast majority (68%) of UK marketers believe the future of advertising in a cookieless ecosystem relies on multiple interoperable ID solutions. 

In tandem with the above finding, the report identified that, for both marketers and publishers, a “context alone” strategy is not enough:

Three-quarters (75%) of marketers surveyed believe that while contextual targeting is a useful tactic to ensure advertising relevance without relying on third-party cookies, it alone cannot replace audience targeting – including one in eight (12%) having zero confidence. 

Similarly, although two-thirds (66%) of publishers are confident that contextual targeting can offer an effective cookie alternative, almost half (49%) are looking for a further solution to cover the potential loss of third-party tracking – with 15% using more contextual and intent data while they search for a longer-term solution. 

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