Google promises not to build itself privacy sandbox ‘backdoors,’ but advertisers are skeptical

Digiday 28 May 2021 04:01
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May 28, 2021 by Kate Kaye

Google promised on Thursday it won’t carve out separate rules for itself as it forces data privacy restrictions on others navigating the impending death of third-party cookies in the company’s Chrome browser.

Google’s ads vp and gm Jerry Dischler pointed to the firm’s open-source Privacy Sandbox development effort during a virtual marketing event held on Thursday. The ad targeting and measurement methods — which include an automated targeting technique that has raised privacy concerns and even prompted an antitrust investigation by the U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority — has also sparked speculation among ad tech companies and other industry players that worry Google will not use the techniques it is forcing others in the industry to use, which limit data use, targeting and measurement capabilities.

“We’ll be using these [Privacy Sandbox] APIs for our own ads and measurement products just like everyone else, and we will not build any backdoors for ourselves,” said Dischler. 

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