Yara Shahidi on why she's joining mental health activists and educators to address inequality in the classroom

Mashable 23 Sep 2020 06:11
Yara Shahidi  during the
Yara Shahidi  during the "Power Of Inclusion Summit 2019" at Aotea Centre on October 04, 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand.
Image: Michael Bradley / Stringer via getty images

Actor and activist Yara Shahidi is joining celebrities, educators, and politicians to address one of the most relevant issues among youth activists — inequality in our country’s classrooms.  

“The work of fighting for equality and equity, a large part of it happens in the classroom," Shahidi said. "And in terms of the resources and space that young people are given at a certain age, it's really formative.” 

On Wednesday night, the Grown-ish star will introduce the second Citizen Verizon Assembly: Education is Not Up for Debate. Organized by Verizon, the event focuses on the impact of remote learning and inequality on students and teachers and features a debate moderated by journalist Soledad O’Brien around the current state of the country's education system. Later, O'Brien will join actress and activist Gabrielle Union, mental health activist Catie Cole, and president of the Child Mind Institute Harold S. Koplewicz, to discuss the best ways for families to adjust to digital learning and its impact on students’ mental health. 

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