TikTok courts publishers with a dedicated team and content ideas

Digiday 16 Jan 2020 05:01

TikTok is taking steps to help publishers make money off its platform.

Over the past year, the short-form video app has charmed creators, agencies and publishers, with media companies like NBC, ESPN and Group Nine all experimenting on the platform. Next up the company is trying to figure out how its platform can be monetized for publishers’ use, something TikTok says it is working on but hasn’t formally debuted just yet.  

TikTok set up in 2019 a content partnerships team that works directly with hundreds of media publishers to assist them with growing their respective TikTok audiences. Soon that team will also help publishers make money from the platform by enabling them to place branded content on it.

One publisher that often works with TikTok’s content team, Complex, is seeking more branded content opportunities on the platform, especially as it dives deeper into e-commerce. Complex recently opened its own online store to sell sneakers, hoodies and other items. And it is hoping to find ways to work with advertising partners on branded content to showcase on its TikTok accounts — as well as options to advertise or even sell its own merchandise there, said Complex’s director of social media Arman Walia.

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