Apple News+ is coming to Europe. Who’s joining?

What's New in Publishing 27 Sep 2019 07:18

When Apple News+ was first announced in March, publishers reacted with skepticism, especially in Europe. Now that it is looking likely Apple News+ will be launching in the UK any day now, we are as curious as everyone else to see who will join.

To understand why UK publishers will or will not join Apple News+, we’re exploring why publishers were skeptical in the beginning, how Apple News+ has fared in the US, and diving into news aggregators in general.

Initial skepticism hasn’t gone away

With the launch of Apple News+, many publishers expressed skepticism for three main reasons:

  • Fear Apple News+ creates reader habits for Apple, not publishers
  • Limited financial incentive for publishers
  • Loss of control over product experience and reader relationships

This first reason has only gotten stronger since March. From our talks with publishers, we hear a fear that news aggregators such as Apple News+ will create bad habits in readers, making them accustomed to seeking out journalism via tech giants and not the original creators of the journalism. With this in mind, we expect to see more publishers turn away from news aggregators.

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