6 More Ways You Can Use YouTube to Reach Your Intended Audience

Entrepeneur 24 May 2021 03:30
6 More Ways You Can Use YouTube to Reach Your Intended Audience
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Take a look at the following six ideas for using YouTube as part of your overall online business and marketing strategy.

1. Showcase customer testimonials

If you've been in business for a while and have earned the respect of many loyal customers or clients, using a YouTube video to showcase some of these people or companies providing real testimonials for your products/service can be a highly effective and low-cost promotional and sales tool.

2. Present a call to action

Because YouTube allows you to speak directly to your audience, you can use your videos to encourage viewers to take a specific action after watching your video. A video's call to action is a request for people to take an immediate action -- such as visit your website, "like" the video, subscribe to your YouTube channel, call a toll-free phone number, send someone an email, share the video's link with their friends, make a donation or make a purchase.

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