Virgin Media hits back at BT with 'B*****T' billboard jibe

The Drum 29 Jan 2020 01:13
Virgin Media hits back at BT following cheeky billboard jibe

Virgin Media has hit back at BT after the telecom competitor erected a cheeky billboard in Bristol in a bid to oust its competitor.

Keen to win over Virgin Media's 300,000 customers in Bristol, BT placed the provocative billboards in a bid to convince local residents to opt for its services. The billboards call out at passers-by - 'Bristol. Don't settle for Virgin. Get ultrafast Full Fibre with more reliable speeds than Virgin M200 and M350.'

Virgin Media responded to BT's 'bullshit' ads by placing mobile billboards in front of BTs. Against the backdrop of Virgin's branded red, the ad erected on its vans read's 'B*****T Our fastest average speed in Bristol is 516Mbps. That's loads faster than BT Enough said.'

It is being supported by content on Virgin Media's social media channels with the potential to bring the billboards to other areas in future.

It comes off the back of news that, through private investment, Virgin Media hopes to deliver more than half of the government's broadband target by the end of 2021.

Adding to this, Al Mackie, chief creative officer, Rapp UK said: “Virgin Media, as all the great Virgin brands, is about disrupting the market and making it better for consumers. While they have the fastest widely-available broadband in the UK they haven’t lost that challenger belief and will stand up to the dubious tactics of the other broadband providers.”

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