‘Coming to us for ways to do more’: Advertisers look to curated marketplaces to reach underrepresented audiences

Digiday 31 Jul 2020 04:01
July 31, 2020 by Seb Joseph

The killing of George Floyd and the subsequent racial equality protests have cast a spotlight on how advertisers can spur equality with their marketing spend and curated marketplaces are emerging as a way to make that happen with minority-focused publishers. 

Since the start of the month, GroupM and Havas Media have been pitching advertisers curated marketplaces representing black, Hispanic, LGBTQ+ and other minority-owned publishers. Advertisers buy from these marketplaces on the proviso that their ads will be seen by more people from underrepresented audiences. Effectively, these curated marketplaces let advertisers find minority-owned or focused publishers they can add to media plans. 

Both agencies include inventory from their respective marketplaces on every campaign, where advertisers have agreed to its use. But the way advertisers buy those ads varies depending on the marketplace. Advertisers can’t buy ads from all of the 300-plus publishers in GroupM’s marketplace automatically through an ad-buying platform whereas they can for the 250-plus available on Havas’ marketplace. In fact, Havas’ offer works like a private auction where advertisers can reserve ads before the publisher puts them up for sale on the open marketplace. Eventually, GroupM will do the same.

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