iPhone 12 release date: Latest news and rumours for Apple's new 2020 smartphone

Telegraph 16 Sep 2020 02:57

Apple's upcoming iPhone comes at an unprecedented time for the technology giant, after disruption to its supply chain amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

The iPhone 12 - the rumoured name for the new phone - will succeed the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro as the flagship smartphone in Apple's line up.

The new device is expected to come with changes to Face ID, improved camera and screen technology and a much bigger battery. It is also expected to come with 5G - faster network technology that will make downloads quicker.

When the new model launches, it will come with Apple's latest iOS 14 software, while Apple is also expected to launch a new bundle of its subscription products for TV, music and games. Apple is rumoured to have ordered 75 million new phones in anticipation of orders for the latest generation of devices. 

In addition to the new iPhone, Apple is gearing up to launch a slew of other devices including a new iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod and over-ear headphones, according to Bloomberg. 

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