Miller High Life is starting to advertise again

Digiday 20 May 2020 04:01
May 20, 2020 by Kristina Monllos

Like many businesses, Miller High Life stopped advertising when the coronavirus hit, retooled its marketing budget and moved dollars originally allocated to the spring to the second half of the year. But this week it will resume advertising with a new campaign that addresses what life is like during quarantine. 

The ads, which will run on TV, social media, online video and on streaming platforms like Hulu, show what it’s like to be stuck at home and how easy it is to pass the time without accomplishing anything of substance. Later in the summer, the brand will release more spots that speak to the changing nature of how people are getting together like barbecuing with a few friends while maintaining social distancing.

“We took a step back to realize how the marketplace was going to shift,” said Nigel Jones, brand marketing manager for Miller High Life. “There was so much uncertainty in the beginning that we didn’t think it made sense to keep spending at that level.”

Overall this year, Miller High Life is taking a different approach to its media mix as the company is looking to target a younger consumer than its core 40-plus demographic. To do that, Miller High Life is now putting 70% of its marketing budget toward digital channels like paid social, online video and OTT platforms. The other 30% will go toward more traditional channels like linear television. Previously, the budget was split 60/40 the other way with 60% toward traditional channels to reach the core consumer and 40% toward digital. 

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