The shift to in-house marketing faces its stress test

Digiday 16 Apr 2020 04:01

In-house agencies are often pitched as a way to save money but the promise hasn’t always lived up to the reality. For those advertisers that bought into the promise of the in-house model, the coronavirus crisis is the ultimate stress test.

CEOs are pushing senior marketers to do more across a range of media channels with less. Some of those marketers think their in-house agencies are in a unique position to make those savings. The rationale being those in-house agencies can do some of the labor-intensive, commoditized advertising faster, cheaper and even better than agencies can.

“It is the agency’s job to provide perspective, but I’m not sure it is a major selling point right now,” said Andrew Sandoval, director of biddable media at Media Kitchen.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the workload for the one-year-old in-house agency at a global beverage manufacturer has swelled, said a marketer on the team. At the same time, work done by the advertiser’s agencies has dwindled said the marketer who was not authorized to speak to Digiday about anything related to the outbreak. 

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