News media must get better at communicating their value proposition

What's New in Publishing 07 Apr 2021 07:04

Too many are terrible at it. Test your newsroom: How many sentences do you need to explain your value proposition?

The “streaming wars” are one of the biggest media battles of our age. They have disrupted the traditional TV business. The feud also highlights the importance of a clear value proposition

The video content world is going through a revolution. Cable bundles are being unbundled, media companies are setting up streaming services.

But as the market reaches saturation, the competition is heating up. According to data from Antenna, a subscription analytics startup, US consumers on average subscribe to 1.5 streaming services. (The data is from January 2021.)

Basically, it means most customers have one streaming service, some have two, and very few have three or more. Even in the advanced US market having more than one streaming service subscription is not mainstream.

Sure, each year more people are buying multiple streaming subscriptions, so the share of such customers is growing. But so does the competition.

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